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Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM
Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM
written by Miguel Cardoso

Maison et Objet’s Observatory have revealed the theme for the upcoming January M&O Edition: SHOWROOM. Inspired in the impact of the digital age over social interaction and artistic performance, this sneak-peek offers a very reassuring prospect into what the event will be like.

Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM maison et objet Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM edition 8 coveted

Maison et Objet editor-in-chief Marie-Jo Malait, shares her view of the event’s theme:

“In our digital times, a whole world of lifestyles is just a click away. Social networks do the spadework, clearing the ground leaving only objects of desire as the well-honed online consumer becomes the artistic director and designer of his/her interior. Homemakers indulge in a form of decorative exhibitionism and with transparency in every shape, size and form showcase their significant objects in display cases or on shelves. Walls show off
these new collectors’ juxtaposed accumulation of pictures, or their modern-day take on decorative plates; still lives are arranged as if posing to have their photo taken, ready to be
posted on Instagram; and light transforms volumes in a dramatic and theatrical approach to interiors that brings a touch of magic back into everyday life. Click to say you “like” it and make sure to share.”

We can immediately link the role played by social networking and modernity, as well as its specific language and options, to the communication strategy surrounding this project and the way it is being prepared to unfold.

Vincent Grégoire, designer and scenographer of the Inspirations Forum and representative of NellyRodi Agency, who developed the theme, answers a few questions regarding this year’s Inspirations concept. Regarding the theme, he says; “Through digital technologies, consumers now have access to product information, can compare prices, and even have the possibility to share comments on the products and rate them” A new generation of hyper-connected and hyperinformed consumers is reclaiming control: they are establishing their status as an inescapable partner for brands. With the advent of Instagram particularly, consumers are becoming trendsetters themselves, full-fledged influencers. They share their finds with their communities, revealing themselves, or flaunting themselves in some cases, making commitments and voicing opinions. This is what we have called the showroomisation
trend: it is no longer the product that makes the consumer, but the consumer that makes the product.”

Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM maison et objet Maison et Objet 2018 Inspirations: SHOWROOM banner blogs new product chandelier

Every year Maison et Objet is one of the biggest design events worldwide consistently the host of some of the most commendable design art work in the world, with flawless references from all over the world and constituents with trailblazing careers in the design world, and Paris Design Agenda could not be more excited to cover everything going on this year’s ediction!

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